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Alison, Gloucester

"Children's Mental Health - what’s out there? This was a question we as a family had been asking for over 5 years and to date there is not a forward thinking, collaborative solution to be found. My daughter had refused school for 5 years and despite two schools, three Heads, three Educational Psychologists, GP, Early Years and various appointments with CAMHs there is nothing to support a child who is struggling with their school environment when the problem only seems to be visible at home- Then we met Stephen @ Miracle Minds UK


Our daughter became very open and willing to discuss her feelings with Stephen. She felt his support was not intrusive and made her feel ‘happy’ again. Stephen invested time and was able to adjust communication appropriately to make sure there were no demands on our daughter. ‘He doesn’t make me feel like there is something wrong with me.’


Steve's approach is like a breath of fresh air and works!! If you are struggling with any child going to school I can not recommend Stephen enough. I wish I knew him 5 yrs ago!"

Jo, Gloucester

 "Highly recommend Steve @ Miracle Minds.  I love Steve's approach to dealing with each child as an individual.  My 7 year old daughter struggles in various areas due to sensory and emotional behaviour.  He has been able to support me and my family with meetings and ongoing telephone contact during difficult times.  Steve's knowledge and understand of "why" children behaviour was a huge relief for us and with some simple changes we were able to make big changes for my daughters life."

Isobel, Republic of Ireland

"For a brief background we have struggled to get real tangible insights into our daughters autism , having received a diagnosis and then set off to explore relevant therapies .


Steve and his ability to both understand the complex needs of not just our child but us and our family dynamics was , without question invaluable . He has a wonderful ability to fully understand what is happening in the child’s world , impresses that image on us the parents and then provides practical techniques and understanding of what is happening , why it is happening and how we can use the appropriate skills to intervene . 


His approach is 100 focused on ensuring the parents are set up to understand and support the child and he does this in a way that is just so transforming . He never overwhelmed us with detail and has a unique ability to explain meltdowns / responses in a way that helps adults provide the support that the child needs . 


We have been desperate for someone who understands the complexity of autism and Steve really impressed on us what was happening in our little girls world and has given us insight that we did not have before he came to support us . 


His level of intervention was very hands on, he stayed with us through the learning , gave us feedback on the spot and walked us through what we were doing well and how to respond when things didn’t go to plan. I can honestly say within a week he has transformed our lives.


Before Steve arrived we struggled with transitions from one task to another , Steve gave us plenty of tips and demonstrated how to prepare Alana for different transitions with a real focus on expanding her flexibility especially when transitioning from a likeable activity to another event. 


Practical solutions to family meal times were implemented within 3 days , prior to this meal times were just an awful stressful event and Alana was resistant towards both food and meal times. Steve showed us ways to focus on the activity of eating rather than the food, this has worked so well , so much so Steve came out to lunch with us to demonstrate techniques and brain breaks for Alana, as we have avoided family meals out for a long time, the result was an enjoyable 2 hour family lunch / we have never as a family had this before . We feel so much more confident in our understanding and the way to approach these transitions we have booked a family holiday which before would have been a source of stress and anxiety . 


Additionally we covered a lot on meltdowns , how we react to them, how we prepare for them (recognition of triggers) and how to respond depending on the different levels Alana is at. This has helped us immensely and are finding it so much easier and meltdown have significantly reduced now because we know how to read Alanas mood , for example before when we thought she was happy she at times has been over stimulated, he identifies her varies levels and how to can respond to all of them .


By day 4 of the visit Steve had helped us transition Alana to needing full support within using the bathroom to Alana becoming and sustaining being independent and using the bathroom on her own. This is a huge milestone for us and something we have been unable to do ourselves . Alana is 6 and we have been trying to toilet independently for 3 years. 


Steve took the time to understand Alanas fixations and how we can meet her needs V’s her wants 

and how to understand the difference between the 2. What really struck us his ability to tap into how we the parents are also coping with the additional requirements of supporting an autistic child. He showed us support , compassion and really encouraged us through every step. 


We feel so much more able and confident, we honestly had been existing / surviving prior to Steve’s intervention but through his guidance and patience he helped us see the positives and embrace the family that we are and want to become. 


It’s worth noting we have a 3 year old toddler who was also a little unwell and clingy during Steve’s visit, he took time to support us in understanding the needs of both children during hectic family times . At the end of day 1 we nicknamed him the child whisperer , both kids took to him immediately and could sense his patience . Alana’s response  was very positive and he build a very natural relationship and uses his skills to educate the child and develop them in the time they work together . He introduced concepts like emotional boards, wristbands to communicate emotional

levels and really showed us very practically the now and next steps and how to implement them without the use of a board and to support every day activity transitions . 


It’s honestly very difficult to truly paint the picture how different things are for us one week on. We feel confident , educated , supported and we are so much more aware and connected to Alanas needs and our own, our understanding of autism has improved immensely and we feel equipped to move forward very positively with the techniques and adaptions Steve has shown us. 


My only wish is we had found Steve or had access to even 10% of what Steve has shown us 3 years ago. Parents are so desperate to support their children and Steve has been a lifeline for us."

Tina, Somerset

"What can I say that hasn't all ready been said?

We are grandparents looking after a 7-year grandson with ADHD.

We were promised every help out there.... 

Then had nothing 

We were at our lowest point.


Then I saw a comment on a ADHD site, written by Steve Miracle Minds...


I sent Steve a message asking him If/how he could help me.

He contacted me straight away we spoke on the phone.

I can honestly say, I smiled, cried and got excited as he spoke to me.

Steve.... Knows what you are going though. Helps you understand what your child is feeling, going though.

He can all the way to Somerset to see us. I was very nervous and my grandson wouldn't even look at him for 15 minutes.

But very quickly Steve put us at ease, connected a bond with my Grandson.

Steve told me word for word what my grandson is like and what he needs.

He was 100%.

No one else has ever Understood our needs.

But Steve got it in first few hours.

I can call Steve or text at any time. He will get back to me ASAP. 


So the short of all My review

Miracle minds.. Steve and his Team.. Are Angles

If you need any Help, Support, Advice.


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