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Family Support

Family Support: 

  • Crisis intervention 

  • Daily/Nightly support

  • Respite

  • Emotional/therapeutic plans and implementation 

  • Therapeutic analysis


We offer a wide range of therapeutic support for the families we work with. This can consist of anything from crisis intervention, (when a family home has broken down to the point of breaking point), to daily respite to allow both parents and child a break. We also offer therapeutic plans, which are then demonstrated and ultimately implemented into the family home to help best support both parents and child to develop most effectively. 

Within our support, we also offer analysis for the family in which we will break down what we feel are the main issues that are being faced and most importantly why they are happening and what can be done to change and improve them. We understand this is not always an easy thing to achieve so we ensure that we help implement what has been agreed so you feel supported throughout the journey. 

We are very aware of how exhausting things can become when supporting a child with complexities, so we also offer respite for you which consists of daily support (either in the house or out of the house) to give that much needed break. Within this, we make sure that we integrate back into the family to make everything as smooth as possible when dealing with transitions etc. 


Our aim when working with families is simple, we want to give you as much support as humanly possible to stay together and be as one. We know that many families breakdown due to lack of this level of support so we are here to change that, whatever it takes. 

To enquire about how we can help your family contact for an initial free consultation.

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