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Training for schools and other child settings:


We have recently introduced our therapeutic model into schools and other education settings that have children with complex needs. A large focus for us is inclusivity and how best we can support every child to feel like they belong within the education system. As it stands, we currently offer the following support for all settings:


  • Crisis intervention

  • Staff individual or group training

  • Specific educational learning programmes

  • Tailored therapeutic training and implementation


Although we still believe strongly that there is a need for the more generic type of training for schools in terms of complex needs such as ASD, PDA and Attachment, we also feel that the need for a tailored approach is greater than ever, in order to ensure that not every child is treated or expected to achieve ‘the same’ when often it is not this simple. To combat this, we offer tailored therapeutic programmes for each and all children who need it, as well as supporting staff on, not only how to implement these programmes, but also the explaining, analysing and exploring the benefits of it all as development continues.


Adding to this, we also offer consultations for schools where we spend time 1:1 with staff members to discuss the difficulties they may be facing with certain children and how best to improve their practice with proven strategies and advice. 

To enquire about how we can help you in your setting contact us on for an initial free consultation.

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