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Council Referrals

We now offer our services to local councils and authorities who need therapeutic crisis intervention for the children and families they support. We currently offer 24/7 crisis intervention packages for families as well as immediate training for childrens residential homes who may be struggling with a placement.


Our services usually consist of 4-8 week interventions in which we will spend time understanding the situation, applying reflective practice to explain to all involved our findings and then implementing strategies and techniques to help change it. We never want to be a long term option for families or settings as we believe that, the less disruption caused, the more likely it is that both the child and family can get back to what they wish to be their normality. Having said this, we are also happy to continue support if needed and will always make sure that any child or family we are supporting are 100% confident, happy and ready to continue in our absence. 


We have recently worked with SCC with very positive results; reducing a child from family breakdown and 4:1 support, to 2:1 support and a much happier family home. 


Our aim is simple, to ensure that as many families as possible get the support they need to remain together, in turn reducing the number of children placed in care. We understand that at points this is not always possible, however, in many cases we are able to improve the situation at home to reduce the need for care placements consequently reducing costs for councils and ensuring families can remain together.

All of our staff are enhanced DBS checked and come with Team Teach or similar de-escalation and physical intervention training. 

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